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You can now get cash for your recycled laser printer parts easier than ever before. With this three-step process, there is no resource anywhere else on the web that offers a way to get your cash so easy! Go to the Recycling Center NOW!

Does the possibility of getting paid to be environmentally responsible intrigue you?

You might be shocked as to how much "greener" you can get. With our stingy economy, more savings means more revenue - and one way to save is by insisting upon recycled office products. Think about it - every time you purchase new parts, sub-assemblies, computer boards directly from the original equipment factory - you are increasing your carbon footprint. In addition, you might be filling the landfill with the old part and potential revenue.

Sell us your old part!

Most products used to repair office machinery such as copiers, computers and printers can be purchased from a reputable remanufacturing company with the exchange of the old defective part for a significantly lower price. Want to know more about how that part you are throwing away will increase your bottom line profit from both ends of the recycling chain?

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HP LaserJet M600/M601/M602/M603 Fuser Cores!!

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